Thursday, 29 October 2009

Professional / Industrial Experience

What is professional / industrial experience?

-Experience/skills gained outside of the college environment.
-Being more aware of how business really works.
-Knowing how to handle the pace of working in the industry.
-Knowing how to deal with working with people in other industries, such as printers.
-Knowing how to professionally deal with clients

Why is professional / industrial experience important as part of PPD?

-It helps me to prepare myself for finishing the course and heading out into the industry.
-Knowing what awaits me will help me be ready for anything the industry throws at me.
-It shows me how the skills I have learned throughout the course are applicable to working in the industry.
-It will give me a better understanding of the Graphic Design industry and what is wanted from me as well as what employers are looking for in possible employees.
-It opens up possibilities for more work placements and possible jobs at the end f them as well as building up a good selecton of contacts within the industry.

How do you gain professional / industrial experience and what form does it take?

-Developing a good, strong portfolio. How can you expect to get a good job if you don't have a strong portfolio?
-Work placements. Quality over quantity. By this I mean I would far rather have a few really good placements rather than a lot of ones that I don't really get a lot out of.
-Gaining contacts in the industry.
-Ask questions! Deal with companies and visiting lecturers and the like.
-Branch out. Give yourself a variety of different types of placements.

What should you aim to gain from professional / industrial experience?

-A more professional attitude.
-A wider skillsbase.
-A knowlege of the business side of things.
-Contacts within the industry.
-Confidence and the chance to build a name for yourself.