Tuesday, 20 April 2010

CVs Galore

Well I uploaded my work CV aaaages ago, and now we've been playing around with CV layouts in Quark now that we've all been taught tabbing. Told to go away and come back with our CV all nicely tabbled. This is what I came back with.

Rubbiiiish, so I did it again in class, using a more interesting layout after we'd been through what information was important and what could be pretty much tabbed on at the end/ Someone looking at my CV, let's be blunt, isn't going to be interested in how well I work as a team, they want to know where I worked before and my education and skills. The information to prove I'm not a raving lunatic can come later.

I'm much happier with this than the last one, although it needs a lot more work, and I really want to have some kind of logo that I keep talking about in there.- HJ

Monday, 5 April 2010

Portfolio v2.0

This is the second edition of my portfolio that I put together over easter break, using the last project that Carl and I worked on together. I really am pleased with how that one turned out. Anyway, yes, I'm much more pleased with Portfolio 2.0 than I was with the first one. I sent this one to about five people altogether and got two responses.

One from Lee at B&W Studio:

" Hi Hana - I would start by maybe not designing yourself a logo! or if you
do, make sure it's simple... OR THE BEST thing ever.

I think here at B&W Studio we are really keen on good typography - this kind
of didn't reflect that.

I think the work should present the presentation and not the logo BIG on the
first page - maybe some really nice typography... 2 logo's also and
repeating yourself.

I also feel there is too much per page, and you come to the end very
quickly... thankyou for your time...! not too sure it took long enough.

Seperate the work a little and make a story from it. If there is anything
you are not quite sure about - take it out.

I'd expect a little more also.

Over designed typo at the bottom, and not enough space. I like running
headers explain stuff - but does it have to be 12pt text?

WORK IS GOOD - and I can see some really good potential here...

Think about this as been you very most important project.

I reckon you should look through plenty of Creative Reviews / Design Weeks /
Grafik magazines - this is where you will find other companies. It's really
key that you do the research... as you've done with us.

HOPE THIS HELPS - cheers Lee "

Which was really helpful, a nice long emailing with really good feedback, this is exactly what I wanted. I see what he means about the logo and think I'm definitely going to rejig this again, maybe spread it out a bit more. I am still planning on doing a load of work in the summer to pad this out too.

Another came from Sam at Aloof Design:

" Hi Hana,

Thank you for your email- flattered you like our work.

In response to your question, I think you need to get much more work into your portfolio to give people a really good idea of the breadth of your ideas/ skills/ interests, and show some of the thinking/ concept work behind the final result.

Hope that's useful.

All the best,

Creative Director "

Short, but appreciated. It's all well and good telling me that I need to put more work in there, but the whole point of this exercise was to create a 'mini' portfolio, five pieces of work max.

Either way, I'll take all of this on board.

-HJ x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Client/Designer Relationship

Computer Arts is actually a pretty useful magazine for these helpful little articles they like to slip in every now and again.

A nice little checklist for building up a good relationship between myself and my clients, seems pretty reasonable.

-HJ x