Friday, 28 January 2011

Holmes & Marchant

This morning, I sent off my portfolio to the above email address.

I found the image above advertising the internship on Lovely Package and figured, why not? It's quite a way away, down in Marlow near London, but I figured no harm could come of it. I picked out four pieces of work that I feel best display my love and passion for packaging design and sent it off. Now obviously, I was expecting to get an email back in perhaps a few days or so, that's always the way it works.

But Holmes and Marchant rang me about two hours after I had sent the email, asking me if I wanted to come down to a brainstorming session that they were having on Monday. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and said as such, they were most understanding and then asked me if I was looking for a placement at all. Which I am, so I said yes. The lady I was speaking to very kindly said that she would pass my portfolio on to somebody who deals with interviews.

Sounds hopeful!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Creative Milk Round Submission

These are my submission boards for the live brief 'The Creative Milk Round'. I had two different design directions and showed my preferred design across a range of an A3 poster, an E-Flyer, and a background and icon for a twitter page.

Portfolio surgery with Chris Jackson, Elmwood

Today was my portfolio surgery with Chris Jackson from Elmwood. I went into this one with a lot more confidence than with Tom yesterday, because now I know what to expect. It was different, of course, to the one I had yesterday but equally as helpful. Of course, there were contradictions to the advice that Tom had given me but that is to be expected.

Again, he liked the custom folder rather than having a generic black portfolio, and his favourite out of my work was the Tea Hugger brief again. This one is proving to be pretty popular, I must have done something right here. There were a couple of things that he thought could have been pushed further, such as the Tree Surgeon identity so he suggested removing it, as well as the Fedrigoni brief. While it was a nice piece of graphic design it didn't fit in with what I was going for. He also suggested spreading my bigger briefs across a couple of pages. Also, more in context shots and product shots to show how something worked o folded down or was constructed.

When I mentioned embellishing the pages a little, he suggested only doing it to the folder rather than the pages. He found the blue logo a little distracting on the pages as it was so that's something I need to address, perhaps fading the logo out and having it full colour on the folder and business card alone.

I mentioned the tea bag that I discussed with Tom and he advised against it, saying how it would be too gimicky and there was the risk of the tea bag bursting. The advice I got here was more about letting the work speak for itself.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First Tuesday Brief

Portfolio Surgery with Tom Eales, Plus Minus Design

So today I had my first portfolio surgery with Tom Eales, and it was safe to say that I was pretty nervous. I knew that these were casual and all but still, I was nervous about seeing him and showing him my portfolio.

Anyway, I was nervous about nothing. It went really well and I got a lot out of it. I think my idea of creating a folder for my portfolio rather than having it in the standard black folder went down really well as I was told that it looked instantly professional, which was most excellent.

He really liked my work, in particular my Tea Hugger brief, which I had at the front of my portfolio. Which is where it's going to stay and be the first piece of work that people see of mine. He liked the layout and the clean white look of my portfolio and thought I had a good number of pieces in there. He mentioned maybe getting some print finishes on it to make it a little less flat, like spot varnishing the logo on the front of my folder and maybe on each of the pages.

The format would work really well as a miniature mail-out version and he mentioned perhaps adding something extra at the back of the mail out, like one of the teabags from the Tea Hugger range. It's definitely something to consider and something that would perhaps make people remember my work more.

Other things included re-ordering the work in my PDF and making the size smaller to be easily emailed and to add it to my website as a download-able option.

Friday, 14 January 2011

My Business Card

My Letterhead

Digital Portfolio PDF

The Case Press

The visiting professional of the week is Barrie Tullet of The Caseroom Press, a old friend of Fred's. The Caseroom Press deals in books and publications and he brought it a wide range of things for us to look at. I learned quite a lot about the book binding process in the short workshop that he held after the talk. In particular I loved his personal project illustrating Dante's The Divine Comedy using typography. It was a huge project spanning over 21 years and he's still only a 3rd of the way through. I would love to see all of them in a publication together.

He also brought us a present too. We're quite good at getting freebies it would seem. It's a newspaper that was produced by the students at Lincoln School of Art and Design.


 I'm a little late in blogging about this one in truth, it happened just before christmas and I only just remembered to blog about it. I got this email below to my Behance account from the webmaster of Cardonizer, a collection of the best business cards. He wanted to feature my Woody Adams identity on his website, and I of course said yes.

It took a little while to show up on the website, but he sent me a message when it was up, and linked me to it which was nice.

And a few people have re-blogged/re-tweeted it or whatever, which is nice.