Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Identity Shots

New Business Cards

Since it proved to be completely impractical costwise to get these printed professionally while I'm still a poor, poor student. Most places were willing to print my cards but only if I placed a minimum order of £300, which I cannot afford. One of the printers was willing to sell me large sheets of the seed paper so I can print them myself for about £4 an A2 sheet. I can fit about 38 cards on an A2 sheet so if I want to print between 250-300 cards I am going to need 8 or 9 sheets, which works out at around £40 which is less than I would have paid for a print run anyway.

Yes I have to cut them all out myself which is a bit of a faff but while I can't afford to get them printed professionally, this will have to do, and it works out quite cheap. They go through the large format printers here just fine and they can be printed double sided. They line up just right. Because there isn't that much ink being printed onto them it doesn't really matter that the ink isn't vegetable based (for now) because there isn't enough of it to affect the seeds germinating, so the paper still grows just fine.

Might as well take advantage of the large format printers here while I still can.