Friday, 29 January 2010

Electronic Poet Brief

Recently I worked with Electronic Poet in designing a t-shirt for their new Autumn/Winter rage, theme: Tribal.

The t-shirts have been recently screen printed and Charlotte and I went down to the shop to have a look at them and take some pictures. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and I'm looking forward to seeing the professional pictures taken of them for their website.

EDIT: Apparently I'm not allowed to put the photographs on my blog because the products haven't been released yet. I'll upload the design sheets when I remember where I've put them, apparently I have to watermark them to stop anyone stealing the ideas. I mean, really?

-HJ x

Monday, 18 January 2010

This is my HR CV. Funnn.

Yep, it's definitely a HR CV. Up to date and everything.

-HJ x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

CVs and Portfolios

What is a CV?

Well. A CV is:

-A way of advertising and 'selling' yourself to a prospective client.
-A summery of achievements, awards.
-Personal to me.
-A brief summery of my history, qualifications, (relevant previous employment).

What should a CV contain?

-My name.
-Contact information.
-A brief overview of my education and qualifications.
-Who I am as a designer.
-My strengths.
-Relevant work experience.
-A link to my portfolio.
-It should be tailored to be personal to person/company receiving my CV. (This of course doesn't really include the 'online CV' part.)
-Hobbies perhaps? Could be included in who I am as a designer.

What is a portfolio?

-A careful selection of my best (and most relevant) work.
-Can be a physical object, or online, or sent out on a DVD.
-Is completely personal to me.
-A way of displaying my strengths and skills.

What should a portfolio contain?

-My name.
-My contact details.
-It should definitely have a feel of consistency.
-The best pieces of work at the start and the end.
-A limited selection of my work. Don't overwhelm any prospective clients.
-A brief description with each piece of work.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Creative CVs

Here are some examples of graphic design CVs I have discovered through trawling through the internet. These are some of the more interesting ones that I've come across, because some have been atrocious. We are graphic designers. There is simple, and then there's just not bothering at all.

Chuck D. Lay

I like this because of the way it has been laid out to look like the classified/job section of a newspaper. Nice pun.

H. Sercan Tunali.

I particularly like this because of the strange format, and the fact that one has to physically turn it in order to keep reading. Also, it's absolutely beautiful, a mix of traditional and digital work. Which I love.

Plus, the CV, just by looking at it, makes it obvious that the designer is into his illustration.

This is why I want mine to be print based, because that is what I love.

This CV below, by Hilary Babcock, is my favourite out of this batch. Why? Because I love things that you can hold. I prefer something tactile to something on screen. This is why I like designing for print so much. I want to have a CV that somebody can hold and feel the texture of and play with. I want something that will stick in people's minds.

I don't want to be another online CV that will say pretty much the same things as everyone else's. Obviously, I will need to have an online CV for people who are finding me over the internet, but for the most part, I want my CV to be tactile.

Even if I have to mail it out.

Krista Gregg
This, by Steve Frampton, is another favourite out of all of the CVs I have come across and it is one of the first that I found. I like it because it's tactile, and it's different, and it is remarkably similar to a Pantone colour swatch book, which all Graphic Designers should be horrifyingly familiar with. So as well as being an interesting, hands on idea, it is in a format that links directly to industry. How clever.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Portfolio Worthy

It seems to have taken me a long time to produce something that I consider to be 'portfolio worthy', but the product of the previous module is something that I'm proud of. I tried new techniques, and produced something that looks professional and I actually like how it turned out.

It made me realize that design for print is where I want to be.