Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Freelance CDs

One of two freelance pieces I did as part of a collaboration with Leigh Wortley for two music students. The student for the above booklet, not the best client in the world, he was constantly wanting things changed and pretty much, not letting us design, he came to us with a very firm image of what he wanted in mind and gave us absolutely no leeway. He was very finicky over the slightest details and had me wanting to punch him in the face multiple times. but I refrained, just so you know. In the end, we had pretty much no design input into it at all and we weren't happy with the end result. But he was. We offered him several (much better) alternatives but he was adamant to have it exactly his way. Definitely a case for Clients from Hell.

The client for this one couldn't have been better. He couldn't have been happier with what Leigh and I produced for him and was chuffed to bits, which was really nice to see. Complete contrast to his friend. This is the one that leigh are I are so much happier with how it turned out as we were pretty much given free reign over it so we were very pleased with the outcome.