Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Letterhead and Compliments Slip

We've been looking into letterhead and compliments slip design after dealing with business cards. Being that my businesscard looked pretty informal, I started playing around with the idea of having a logo to go across my range of promotional material. bear in mind that this is my first go at it and I really need to sit down and make like, 200 logos before I go doing anything like this, but this was just for the sake of Type. The font I used on my business cards was fairly informal and I've been using a lot of Rockwell lately, so i thought I'd have a go using it. It kind of reminds me of one of those games where you have to tip it to get the little metal ball into a hole or through a maze.

I really like gray at the moment, but as I said, I need to really sit down and deal with this.


Friday, 26 March 2010

Portfolio feedback

This is my first attempt at the mini portfolio that we made as part of the PPD task of emailing our portfolio out to some of our 'design heroes'. I don't really have heroes, so I just made a list of the agencies whose work I really like and some of those were people who'd done talks at the uni for us, which I suppose was a bit of an in. The more I look at this first attempt, the more I cringe and think 'ergh'. But don't we all?

In truth I only sent this one out to one person, Alex at The Consult, and the feedback I got from him really drove it home that this was not a good portfolio. This is what I got from him.

'Hi Hannah,

My main issue is none of your work is summarised and the images are
really tight, so I can't really tell what I'm looking at. Try looking
at it as if this is the first sight of your folio – needs some
explaining or clearer visuals.

Hope that helps,


Which is fair enough. I really don't like this portfolio
and am going to get right on doing another one.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Business Cards

Okaaaay so, these were some of the first variations of business cards that I made as part of the Typography Module running alongside the course. They aren't fantastic and need a lot more work. Graham's test of going around and saying what kind of 'drink' they reminded him of to say what impression they had was interesting. I got 'home made cider'.

I would have said it was more like Pink Lemonade than anything else but there you go.

I need to kick it up a professional notch.

-HJ x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Typeface technique for identity.

I know I'm not actually a lock smith, but this was a really useful technique of choosing a typeface for myself. You choose three words that describe you/your practice. So for a locksmith I had strong, solid and simple, and Rockwell extra bold followed.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

First website idea!

This is my first attempt of doing a basic layout for a website after the Dreamweaver workshops. I'm really liking this colour combination at the moment so I thought I'd have a play around with it. While my blog layout needs work, I like the basic central block for everything, so this is mainly the layout that I've been messing with.

And in some other colours. They all look like ice cream flavours.

-HJ x

Interesting Articles

Some interesting articles I found in my new issue of Computer Arts

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dreamweaver Workshop 02

My second session, I think I've learned enough to start giving it a go now.

-HJ x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dreamweaver Workshop 01

The beginnings of my website! Well, the process of leaning how to do it anyway.

-HJ x